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  • Expertise in all trades, including Concrete, Drywall, electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Framing, Flooring, Masonry, painting, Sitework, earthwork, Roofing, Siding, Flooring, Carpentry, Metals, Misc. Steel, Demolition

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General Contractors

At Estimating247, We Specialize in Delivering Precise Cost Estimates to General Contractors

Sub Contractors

We offer Precise Cost Estimates to Subcontractors for All Trades, Including Concrete, Drywall, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, , Flooring, Masonry

Home Builders

Our Construction Takeoff Services Are Designed to Assist Home Builders in The Preparation of Bid Proposals to Clients.

Material Suppliers

Material Takeoff Packages for suppliers offer accurate and efficient takeoffs for different materials at a lower cost.

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Construction Estimating Services

Welcome to Estimating247, where we specialize in providing top-notch construction estimating services and accurate material takeoffs. Since we have been in the construction industry for over a decade, we have developed a seasoned team of skilled construction estimators who deliver precise material estimates to our clients. Our extensive portfolio covers a wide range of construction trades, ensuring that we can cater to all your needs. What sets us apart is our commitment to efficiency, ensuring fast turnaround times on all our projects.

Similarly, our construction managers and quantity surveyors possess extensive expertise in generating successful project estimates. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial projects, they adhere to the strict guidelines set by the certified American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) and the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

This ensures that we employ the right technologies to provide our clients with exceptional construction cost estimating services. We are well-versed in using various software such as Bluebeam, Plan Swift, Trimble, Cost Works, RS Means, Xactimate, Quest Estimating, FastDUCT, and FastPIPE. For accurate zip-code-based pricing, we rely on RS Means, Craftsmen, and our developed online databases.

There’s no doubt that Estimating247 stands out as a competitive platform among other construction estimation companies. A convenient one-stop shop where you can get competitively priced building estimates with high quality. 

Our Specialized Construction Estimators For Material Takeoffs:

We offer comprehensive material takeoff services for new construction project. Our experienced construction estimators provide detailed takeoffs that include the quantities and pricing of all materials required to complete a job. Our experts can create customized takeoffs based on your individual needs, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. With our material takeoff services, general contractors, architects, builders, sub-contractors, lenders, homeowners, project managers, developers, and engineers can save money and time by quickly identifying accurate material costs for any construction bid.

Construction Takeoff Services For Building Projects:

Estimating247 is a leading construction takeoff services provider that offers a range of services to help you manage your building projects. We provide an array of services such as quantity surveying, cost estimating, material and labor takeoffs, and more. Our highly experienced team of construction estimators is well-equipped to handle all types of construction projects ranging from small residential projects to large commercial projects. We use the latest technologies and software to quickly generate accurate takeoffs that meet your exact requirements. Our goal is to make your construction project easier, faster, and more cost-effective. By taking advantage of our services, you can be sure that all materials and labor pricing are being accurately tracked and managed throughout the life of your project.

Reliable Construction Bid Estimates For Busy Contractors:

We understand that running a successful construction business can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer comprehensive bid estimates to help you quickly and accurately estimate job costs, so you don’t waste time or money. Our team of experienced estimators will take the hassle out of generating bids by providing detailed cost calculations for all types of projects, from residential remodels to large-scale commercial buildings.

We can also provide updated cost estimates throughout a construction project, so you’ll always be informed and in control. With quality bid estimates from us, your business will have the reliable information it needs to make better decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Our experienced estimators understand the complexities of construction projects and how to factor important variables like labor costs, materials, equipment, and overhead into bid estimates. We provide an itemized listing of all services we include in our cost calculations, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. And with our competitive rates, fast turnaround time, and expert estimating services, you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about complex bidding processes.

Design Estimation Services For Architectural Firms:

Our team of construction experts who specialize in estimating and cost engineering can create design estimates customized to meet the architectural requirements of your company for bidding, budgeting, and cost management needs of construction projects. We offer a full range of services which include creating estimates for the entire design and construction process including review of plans, calculations for material costs, labor costs, overhead expenses, and more. Our team utilizes the latest estimating software to ensure accuracy in all our estimate calculations.

Construction Cost Estimating & Material Takeoff Services:

At Estimating 247, we are committed to providing comprehensive construction estimating and material takeoff services that are tailored to the individual needs of each project. Our team of experienced estimators is ready to assist you in calculating all aspects of your project, from cost estimates to accurate material takeoffs. We have a thorough understanding of industry standards and can provide you with accurate cost estimates of your project’s requirements.

Residential Construction Estimating Services:

We specialize in providing accurate residential estimating services. Our team of professional estimators has years of experience in the construction industry and can provide you with detailed estimates for your proposed project. We use state-of-the-art software to ensure that our estimates are as precise as possible, taking into account any changes or modifications that may be necessary, such as incorporating a different window style or adding extra fixtures. Our construction estimators provide estimates for a few projects including new home construction, additions, remodels, and repairs. We also provide cost breakdowns for all materials and labor associated with the project.

Commercial Construction Estimating Services:

Our commercial estimating services are designed to provide you with a detailed estimate and material takeoff for your proposed project. We are experienced in a wide variety of commercial construction projects from small renovations to large multi-million dollar builds.

Our estimating team of estimators utilizes up-to-date cost data, proven track record and construction techniques, and the latest software technology to provide you with an accurate estimate of your project costs. We are proud to offer our expertise in developing detailed estimates for many commercial construction projects such as office buildings, retail centers, restaurants, healthcare facilities, government projects, industrial complexes, and more projects.

Industrial Construction Estimating Services:

Estimating247 provides industrial construction estimating services to meet the needs of our customers. Our team of estimators has experience in providing accurate estimates for a variety of industrial projects, including factories, plants, and other large-scale industrial projects. We have extensive experience working with many different types of materials, including steel, concrete, and other industrial-grade materials.

Our expert estimators can provide detailed cost analyses for any industrial construction project, even the most complex. From design and layout to materials selection and budgeting, our team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your project is completed accurately and efficiently.

Construction Estimating Services For Public Sectors Projects:

We provide accurate and detailed cost estimates for public sector projects of all sizes. Our estimating experts will analyze the project scope, plans, and specifications to determine the total estimated cost of completion. We can provide a breakdown of labor, material, and other related costs associated with construction projects.

Additionally, we can produce estimates for any type of project from roads and bridges to municipal buildings, schools, and parks. Our estimates are based on a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements and have been proven to be accurate in many projects. We work closely with residential contractors, roofing contractors, flooring contractors, framing contractors, building professionals, and other valuable clients to provide timely and cost-effective solutions for their public sector projects.

Bid Filing and Consulting Services For Cost Estimates:

Bid filing and consulting services are an important part of the bidding process. They provide a comprehensive approach to accurately assess the actual costs associated with completing a project. Our construction estimating team of certified estimators will review each bid and assess all relevant factors, such as required resources, timelines, labor costs, materials costs, overhead expenses, etc., to create the most accurate cost estimate. Our project estimation and management tools ensure that we efficiently review each bid to save time and money.

Monthly Takeoff Packages For a Construction Project:

Estimating247 has expertise in preparing takeoff packages for residential and commercial projects. Our monthly takeoff package includes detailed takeoff from plans, sections, elevations, and diagrams of building structures. We can provide accurate estimates for both material and labor costs as well as itemized cost breakdowns.

Our construction cost estimators have extensive knowledge of the building materials used in construction projects and can provide accurate cost estimates for lumber, concrete, insulation, drywall, tile, metal framing, and other related items. We offer competitive pricing for all our services so that your budget can be met without compromising quality or accuracy.

Damage Claim Construction Cost Estimating Services:

We have a team of experienced construction who have the knowledge and expertise to accurately estimate construction damage costs based on local pricing. Our estimating services provide our clients with accurate, reliable cost estimates that can be used for insurance claim settlement negotiations.

We conduct a thorough inspection and analysis of each damaged area before providing an itemized list of repair or replacement costs. Our team of skilled estimators works closely with our clients to ensure that all repair and replacement costs are accurately determined. We specialize in providing the following damage claim estimating service and material takeoff services:


Our expert construction electrical estimators can provide detailed estimates of repair costs due to hurricane damage. We work with our clients such as general contractor, architect, and home builder to assess the extent of damaged areas and provide an itemized list of all necessary repairs for insurance claim settlements.


We provide detailed fire damage estimates to help you quickly understand the scope of your fire damage and develop a restoration plan. We use state-of-the-art technology to detect smoke, soot, and other hazardous material pricing, minimizing cost and ensuring complete coverage of losses.


Estimating247 is an expert in providing estimating services for tornado-related claims. Our experienced team of adjusters uses the latest software and tools to accurately assess the damages caused by tornadoes. We work with builders, insurance carriers, and other stakeholders to ensure that all parties are being treated fairly according to their respective policies.

Material Takeoff Services For Construction Trades:

Our material takeoff services are designed for construction trades to help them manage costs and accurately estimate the material needs of a project. Our experts use state-of-the-art software to quickly provide accurate estimates and eliminate cost overruns. We specialize in taking off building materials from blueprints, such as lumber, landscaping, site-word, drywall, painting, fire-stopping, fire-proofing insulation, dampproofing, earthwork, flooring, carpentry, structural steel, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roofing materials, and more.

Our team will accurately document and record all material measurements from drawings, allowing trades to efficiently manage costs. Furthermore, our experts provide detailed reports so that you can quickly make decisions regarding the project budget. With our precise material takeoff services, you can ensure your projects come in on time and within budget.

How Can We Help Busy Contractors To Win More Construction Bids?

At Estimating247, we understand the challenge of finding and winning multiple bids as a busy contractor. That’s why we have developed a team of construction estimators to provide construction estimates and quantity takeoff services and assist with all aspects of the construction bidding process. Our team of experienced estimators will review each bid thoroughly and accurately assess the labor costs, materials costs, overhead expenses, required resources, timeline requirements, etc., to create the most accurate cost estimates based on unit prices. We provide comprehensive estimating and bidding solutions tailored to meet the needs of your project.

So, you don’t need to search for construction estimating services near me. We are here to help you with competitive, accurate estimates that accurately reflect the project scope and requirements.

Why Outsource Estimating247 Company?

Despite limited resources and time for construction estimation, contractors face significant financial losses of over $280,000 per month by not bidding on projects. That’s where Estimating247 comes in! We are a leading construction estimating company that offers comprehensive estimates to contractors, helping them reduce their estimation expenses with our expert services. Our goal is to provide busy contractors with a comprehensive range of estimating and takeoff services so that they can successfully acquire jobs. Let us help you succeed!

Experienced Estimators:

We have a team of experienced and certified estimators that have devoted their careers to helping contractors succeed. Our estimators are well-versed in the construction industry and excel at understanding complex plans and blueprints.


Estimating247 is committed to providing maximum flexibility for your business. We understand that every project comes with its own unique needs and requirements, so we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client.


We guarantee accurate estimates regardless of scale or complexity. Our estimators use sophisticated software and precise measurements to provide reliable results quickly and efficiently.

Timely Delivery:

Estimating247 offers timely delivery of estimates to ensure that deadlines are met and projects remain on track. We understand the importance of staying within budget and on schedule, so our estimators work quickly and efficiently to provide reliable results.

Affordable Rates:

Our team of construction trade estimators is ready for preparing material takeoffs and cost estimates at affordable rates. We strive to provide quality results at competitive prices to ensure that your business remains successful.

24/7 Consulting Services:

We offer 24/7 consulting services to help answer any questions or concerns that you may have about our services. Our full time construction estimator is happy to assist whenever you need it, so don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.

High Bid-Winning Ratio:

Estimating247 has a high bid-winning ratio of 95%, thanks to our experienced estimators and accurate estimates to win projects. We have helped contractors win more bids than ever before, allowing them to increase their profits and expand their business.

    Steps For Estimating247

    Yes, we are happy to provide samples of our estimates upon request. Please contact us directly and we will be glad to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

    Our construction estimates are very accurate. We use the latest on screen takeoff software and technology to ensure that all of our project leads are precise and up-to-date with industry standards.

    We specialize in providing comprehensive cost estimates, material takeoffs, quantity surveys, and feasibility studies for all types of construction projects. Our team displayed tremendous skill in estimating residential, commercial, industrial, and public works projects.

    We strive to respond to all construction estimating requests within 5-10 minutes. We know that time is of the essence for many projects, and we are dedicated to providing timely accurate and detailed estimates that meet your needs.

    Our company offers competitive rates for all of our estimating services. We can provide you with a customized quote based on the scope and complexity of your project. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

    We usually complete all construction estimates within 5-8 business hours. However, this timeline may vary depending on the complexity of the project and other factors. Please feel free to contact us for more information on turnaround times.

    An estimator should be involved as early as possible in the construction estimating process. An experienced estimator can provide valuable insight into the scope of the project and help to ensure that all costs are accounted for before beginning work.

    Yes, we provide construction estimating services even if the drawings are not completed. We can provide our clients with conceptual estimates based on early sketches and existing plans to help them budget for their projects.

    Yes, we specialize in providing design-build construction estimates. Our team is experienced in estimating the construction costs of all types of projects, from start to finish.

    No, we do not charge for reviewing plans before placing an order. We understand that it is important to get a thorough understanding of the project before committing to any construction estimates.

    Yes, Estimating247 offers a variety of monthly and long-term packages for our clients. Our team is dedicated to providing the best quality estimates and services at competitive rates from other construction estimating companies. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our packages and long-term relationships.

    No, we never share your information with any third parties. We understand the importance of protecting our clients’ privacy and data and take all necessary steps to ensure that your information remains secure.


    Accuracy in construction cost estimates is important because it helps ensure that the project stays within budget and on time. Having inaccurate estimates may lead to unexpected costs and delays, which can delay the completion of the project.


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