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By Barry Arthur | Mar 26, 2024

For many construction projects, an accurate and precise blueprint is necessary for success. Uploading a digital blueprint to the appropriate site can save time from other software methods and provide easier access for editing or viewing by additional parties if needed.

Estimating247 explore the basics of uploading a digital construction blueprint properly discussing topics like file formats, metadata information, web circulation options, and more!

Keep reading to ensure that your next blue printing project goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Log Into Either The Web App OR Mobile App:

It doesn’t matter if it’s easier for you to use our web app or if you’re on the field and need to utilize the mobile app! In any case, you have the option of uploading a blueprint.

The Way It Appears In The Mobile App:

When you log in to your account via the mobile app, the notification will appear towards the top of the Collect section on your home screen.

Simply click Start to begin uploading a blueprint. If you don’t see this option, you may need to update your app first.

How It Appears In The Web App?

Make sure you’re logged in from a computer or similar desktop device.

A new construction tile will appear on the “My Properties” page.

2. Review Your Blueprint For The Right Information:

Be sure to always check your uploads to make sure everything went through correctly.

Make sure that all of the required information is present. This may include floor plans, dimensions, materials and colors, furniture and fixtures placement, ceiling heights and other detailed measurements. You’ll also want to ensure that any special requirements or notes have been included in the blueprint.

Once you’ve double-checked everything, it’s time to review the results! Look for any inconsistencies or errors in the finished product. If anything isn’t quite right, go back and make changes until it looks perfect.

With a little patience and attention to detail, you can ensure that your digital construction blueprints are exactly what you need them to be!

3. Click “Upload A Blueprint”

Once you’ve successfully logged into the web app or mobile app, the next step is to upload your digital construction blueprint. Depending on which platform you are using, there will be different ways to do this.

For the web app, you can select ‘Upload File’ from the top navigation bar and then click on ‘Choose File’ in order to find and select your file. Once selected, hit ‘Upload’ and wait for it to be processed. You should see a confirmation or success message once it has been uploaded successfully.

If you’re using the mobile app, tap on ‘Create New Blueprint’ from the home screen and then choose either ‘Take Photo/Video’, ‘Select From Library’, or ‘Browse File’ depending on which one is most convenient for you.

Once you’ve chosen and uploaded the file, wait for it to be processed and you should see a confirmation or success message indicating that your blueprint was successfully uploaded.

4. Enter The Job Details:

Multiple structures are sometimes noted in a single plan PDF. We’ll need to decide which one(s) to construct. After successfully uploading your plan, a pop-up labeled Job Details will appear’

  • If you just need measurements for one structure, provide its name where indicated.
  • You can provide project notes for yourself or your team, but keep in mind that HOVER will not see them.
  • If you want to add more structures to the same property:
  • Select the next building on the blueprint by clicking the ” + ” sign. This should be done as many times as necessary.
  • After you’ve identified your structure(s), click the Finish button.

5. Get The Measurements And 3D Model:

Once you have uploaded your digital construction blueprint, it’s time to get the measurements and 3D model. You can either use a software program or hand-measure the blueprint. If using a software program, make sure it is able to accurately measure areas like walls, windows, doors, and other components of the building.

Once the measurements are obtained, they should be used to create a 3D model. This will help visualize what the finished product will look like as well as aid in ensuring accurate measurements were taken during the measuring process.


Constructing a digital blueprint for your construction project is essential for success. Keep in mind that it must be easy to read and complete while making sure that all information provided is accurate.

Though there will always be room for improvement when creating a blueprint, as long as you have good organization and style in your design, you should be able to create an effective digital blueprint.

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