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By Barry Arthur | Mar 26, 2024

When it comes to bid accuracy in the construction sector, success means more than just coming as close as possible. Accuracy gives you an edge over your competition and keeps you safely within budget requirements giving both contractors and clients a good reason to smile. However, without proper preparation and researching of estimates it can be difficult to land contracts with accurate bids that meet all project parameters.

To help keep your projects on track and profitable Estimating247 outlined some helpful tips for achieving accurate bids.

8 Winning Strategies For Accurate Bidding In Construction Projects:

1. Take A Site Tour:

As the bidding process for construction projects grows increasingly competitive, contractors are seeking out new strategies to ensure they come out on top. One such strategy is taking a site tour before submitting a bid.

This gives contractors a better understanding of the project’s scope, potential risks, and obstacles that may impact the bidding process. A site tour provides contractors with the opportunity to take measurements, assess the site’s condition, and better understand the client’s goals and expectations.

2. Estimate All Relative Costs:

To truly stand out in a competitive bid process, it is imperative to develop an accurate estimate of all relative costs involved in the project. This not only includes material and labor costs, but also overhead expenses such as permits, insurance, and equipment rentals.

By taking the time to thoroughly evaluate all costs associated with a project, construction professionals can more confidently bid on projects, accurately manage budgets and schedules, and ultimately win more business. This allows them to more effectively manage their resources and time while maximizing profit potential.

3. Get Subcontractor Price Quotes:

Subcontractors are an essential part of the construction industry, and their rates can make a big difference in your bid. Before submitting a final bid, contractors should get price quotes from subcontractors they plan to use on the job.

This will help them determine the cost of labor and materials for different parts of the project, allowing them to adjust their bids accordingly. By taking the time to ensure subcontractor prices are factored into their bids, contractors can be more confident that they have a realistic and competitive edge.

4. Leave Room For Contingencies:

No matter how detailed and accurate a bid is, there will always be the potential for unexpected costs or delays to arise during construction.

For this reason, it is important to factor contingencies into your bids. This can include setting up an emergency fund for unforeseen expenses, leaving room in your budget for additional labor costs if projects become more complex than expected, or allowing extra time for materials to arrive on site.

By doing so, contractors can protect themselves from unexpected expenses and budget fluctuations that could negatively impact their project’s profitability.

5. Double Check Your Math:

Construction projects often involve a great deal of math, and even the most experienced professionals can make mistakes in calculations or estimating processes.

Before submitting a bid, double check all of your calculations to make sure they are correct. This will help you avoid costly mistakes that could put the entire project in jeopardy, and give you peace of mind knowing that your bid is as accurate as possible.

For added assurance, you can also enlist the help of a trusted colleague to review your calculations before submitting the bid. This will help you catch any errors before they become costly problems. 

6. Make Use Of Technology:

Modern technology provides construction professionals with a wealth of tools to help make the bidding process more accurate and efficient. From estimating and project management software to mobile apps that provide real time updates on project costs, contractors can benefit from taking advantage of modern technologies to improve accuracy and save time.

The right technology can help contractors make better decisions, streamline processes, and ultimately win more business.

7. Review Your Submissions:

Before submitting your bid, take the time to review it thoroughly to check for errors and omissions. This will help you ensure that all pertinent information is included, including legal documents, insurance policies, and any other paperwork required by the client.

It will provide an opportunity to make sure all estimates are correct and that no potential issues have been overlooked. It is also important to make sure that your bid is formatted properly to ensure the client can easily read and understand it. 

8. Identify Risks:

Identifying and mitigating the risks associated with bidding can be a daunting task. To develop winning strategies for accurate bidding, construction professionals must have a thorough understanding of all the potential risks involved in the process. These risks encompass many areas, such as misinterpretation of plans and specifications, budget overruns, and schedule delays.

Hence, a comprehensive and effective risk management plan is critical for the success of any bid. This can be achieved by carrying out an in depth analysis of the potential risks, determining their impact on the project, and implementing appropriate mitigation measures. 


By following these nine strategies for accurate bidding, contractors can create the most competitive and cost effective bids that will give them an edge over their competition. With proper planning and preparation, contractors can be confident that their bids are accurate and meet all parameters required for a successful project.

Contact us to learn more about how you can improve your bidding accuracy and land more construction contracts. We can help you create the most competitive bids and work within your budget to ensure that your projects are profitable and successful.

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