How To Calculate Man Hours To Build A House?

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By Barry Arthur | Mar 26, 2024

Building a house can be a daunting project; from the permits to purchasing supplies, it’s no wonder many people turn to professionals for help. Of course, understanding how much your project is going to cost upfront isn’t just important financially. Proper budgeting is integral in helping you stay organized and on schedule with your construction plans.

In order to do that, one of the most essential things you need to calculate are man hours or the amount of time all workers spend on the job together. Whether you plan on tackling your construction solo or hiring out labor forces, arm yourself with this knowledge so you can get ready to be successful!

The entire number of hours worked over a certain time period is referred to as man hours. As a health and safety professional, you must grasp how to calculate man-hours because it is required for measuring health and safety performance.

Man hours are an important factor in both submitting a winning project bid and charging for completed work. Because labor accounts for such a large amount of contract work, effectively estimating and reporting hours is critical to running a successful firm.

 The formula for calculating man hours = Total hours worked each day x Total number of employees x Total number of days worked over the specified time period:


Working hours per day: 8 hours

Total number of employees: 20

Time frame: 3 months – 90 days (January – March), excluding weekends and public holidays.

Assuming weekends and public holidays equal 24 days

We deduct 24 from the number of days in the three months.

90 – 24 = 66 days


8 x 20 x 66 = 1 man-hour

= 10,560 hours.

Man-hour is calculated from a single parameter in the preceding example.

To determine the man-hour for a certain period for your organization, substitute the values with your organization’s specific value.

It should be noted that man-hours are an important aspect in determining health and safety performance.

Steps Involved In Calculating Man Hours:

Man hours are an important factor in both submitting a winning project bid and charging for completed work. Because labor accounts for such a big amount of any contract work, effectively estimating and reporting hours is critical to running a successful firm.

1. Establish The Scope Of Work:

The first step in calculating man-hours for building a house is to establish the scope of work. You need to have an idea of the size and complexity of the project, including how many rooms, bathrooms, etc., you plan to build. This will help you determine the amount of materials needed and provide a general timeline for completion. 

2. Divide Your Project Into Components:

Start by breaking down the components of a house-building project into manageable parts. Consider the size of the building, whether it is a single-family home or an apartment building, as well as any unique features that will be included.

Think about exterior construction such as framing and siding, interior walls, plumbing systems, electrical wiring and lighting, HVAC systems, roofing materials, and installation. Add in windows and doors, insulation for energy efficiency, and special finishes like flooring or decorative trim. As you consider each component, make note of how much work will need to be done for completion.

3. Gather Labor Costs:

Once you know what size and complexity your project entails, you need to gather labor cost estimates from local contractors or suppliers. This can be done by collecting quotes from various vendors and then comparing rates based on experience level or other factors that may influence the cost. 

4. Estimate The Time It Will Take To Complete Each Task:

After you have a rough idea of the labor costs, you must then estimate how long each task in your project will take to complete. This includes tasks such as excavation, framing, and installation of drywall or flooring. For example, a contractor might estimate that excavating for a foundation will take 10 hours while framing the walls could take 8 hours. These estimates should be adjusted accordingly based on the size and complexity of your project. 

5. Calculate Total Man Hours:

Once you have an estimated time frame for each task, you can add them together to get an approximate total man-hours necessary for the completion of the entire project. This figure should give you a general idea of how much time and money will be required to build your house. 

6. Consider Other Factors:

In addition, there may be other factors that can influence cost and man hours, such as inclement weather or unexpected delays due to the complexity of the project. You should factor these into the total man-hour calculation in order to gain an accurate estimate. 

7. Finalize Costs:

Lastly, you should finalize all labor costs before beginning construction on your house in order to ensure that you are not overspending on labor or materials. This will help you stay within budget and get your project completed on schedule.

Knowing how much time and money is needed for the project can help you stay within budget and ensure that your home is constructed quickly and efficiently.


At the end of the day, calculating man-hours to build a house is not an exact science. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, it may take more or less time than estimated.

However, estimating247  based on this method allows for a general idea of how long and difficult the process is likely to be. It also serves as a valuable tool in understanding labor costs associated with construction projects, allowing homeowners and contractors alike to better understand what types of budgets they should expect when constructing a house.

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